Banished Prince to Desert Boss

The prince will go to the ball…

…if she’ll be his Cinderella?

Exiled Prince Dane must return to the palace he loathes for an international tour. But he’d rather escape to the desert than do his royal duty, much to the dismay of his by-the-book diplomatic aide, Jamilla.

Discovering her boss naked in a desert oasis doesn’t help innocent Jamilla’s already speeding pulse! Neither does Dane’s declaration that he’ll only attend an important ball with her as his date. Ignoring protocol for once feels amazing, until their stolen moment of freedom becomes a sizzling scandal…

The Khans:

Powerful sheikhs and the women who can tame them:

#1: Carrying the Sheikh’s Baby – Zane and Catherine

#2: Claimed for the Desert Prince’s Heir – Kasim (Rafe) and Kasia

#3: Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract – Karim and Orla

#4: Banished Prince to Desert Boss – Dane and Jamilla

#5: Stolen for His Desert Throne – Kaliah and Kamal