Claimed for the Desert Prince’s Heir

From desert seduction…

to carrying the sheikh’s baby!

Kasia’s thrilling encounter with Prince Raif rocked her to her core. As did his marriage proposal! Yes, she’d given him her innocence after his daring desert rescue. Yes, their chemistry had been intensely strong. But independent Kasia didn’t need or want a husband. She reluctantly fled, thinking she’d never see him again…

Until weeks later at a lavish party he’s right there, looking furious—and dangerously sexy! Kasia can’t hide the truth—she’s pregnant with his royal heir. And this time it’s clear Raif won’t let her go!

The Khans:

Powerful sheikhs and the women who can tame them:

#1: Carrying the Sheikh’s Baby – Zane and Catherine

#2: Claimed for the Desert Prince’s Heir – Kasim (Rafe) and Kasia

#3: Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract – Karim and Orla

#4: Banished Prince to Desert Boss – Dane and Jamilla

#5: Stolen for His Desert Throne – Kaliah and Kamal