Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract

A practical agreement…

An indisputable desire!

Sheikh Karim needs a fiancée in order to avoid royal retribution from his tyrant father. Orla Calhoun needs to save her family’s legendary stud farm. The “no sex” clause of their contract should make things simple…if they can contain their simmering chemistry!

Orla’s rich-girl reputation belies years of hard work and her most protected secret: she’s a virgin! That’s never been an issue, until the intense attraction between her and Karim refuses to subside. That attraction becomes unavoidable when duty calls Karim – and his bride-to-be—back to Zafar…

The Khans:

Powerful sheikhs and the women who can tame them:

#1: Carrying the Sheikh’s Baby – Zane and Catherine

#2: Claimed for the Desert Prince’s Heir – Kasim (Rafe) and Kasia

#3: Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract – Karim and Orla

#4: Banished Prince to Desert Boss – Dane and Jamilla

#5: Stolen for His Desert Throne – Kaliah and Kamal