The Mile High Club

What would you do if you got caught hiding in the Ritz hotel bathtub of a tall, dark and hunky stranger?

If you’re gutsy London magazine clerk Carmel Rourke and the stranger is elusive best-selling American crime novelist Jack Devlin you’d have the steamiest, sexiest, one-night stand of your life.

But the morning after, Mel ends up with the opportunity of her career that she just doesn’t want.

Forced into accompanying Jack on a jet-set book tour to Paris and New York, Mel knows she’s in danger of falling head over heels for a man who trusts women about as much as he trusts reporters… which is not at all.

Now, to save her heart, all she has to do is resist the irresistible…

2008 RITA® finalist for Best Contemporary Series Romance

Published in the US as: The Millionaire’s Blackmail Bargain

Friends & Lovers

Best friends Mel and Louisa lead each other into hot trouble … But can they find their happily ever afters with men they never expected to fall for?
#1: The Mile High Club: Mel & Jack
#2: Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition: Louisa & Luke