Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition

Kidnapped and forced to take a pregnancy test!

Sexy millionaire aristocrat Luke Devereaux showed up at Louisa’s office, frogmarched her to a doctor and demanded she took a pregnancy test! Much to her complete shock and horror, it was positive!

Nearly three months before, Luke had shown Louisa a night of pleasure she could never have imagined – and would never be repeated. Only the dramatic consequences meant Luke was now demanding marriage – and his proposition came with a tantalising promise: more nights of untold pleasure…?

Reprinted in: One-Amazing-Night Baby!

Friends & Lovers

Best friends Mel and Louisa lead each other into hot trouble … But can they find their happily ever afters with men they never expected to fall for?

#1: The Mile High Club: Mel & Jack

#2: Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition: Louisa & Luke