Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal

Caught, claimed… Contracted for marriage?

Tycoon Connor Brody has just apprehended an intruder! One clad in lacy satin underwear… And not a trespasser at all, but his feisty neighbour Daisy Dean. The red-hot encounter leaves him aching for more — could the luscious Ms Dean be the answer to his prayers in more ways than one?

Connor needs to safeguard a business deal, and he fully intends to finish what they’ve started. Unable to resist his lethal charm, Daisy finds herself agreeing to two hedonistic weeks in New York — as Connor’s fake fiancée.

Available April 2023 in reprint anthology: Tempted by the Tycoon: The Fake Fiancée

Reprinted in: PS, I’m Pregnant!

The Brody Brothers

Two sexy, estranged and extremely fertile Irish brothers… And two BFFs who run a funky fashion stall in Portobello Road Market… What could possible go wrong?

#1: Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal: Daisy & Connor
#2: Public Affair, Secretly Expecting: Juno & Mac