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Writing news… Book news… And author stalking news… Oh My!

Since partying and networking hard at the RWA conference in San Antonio this summer I have been hard at work writing my FIRST EVER SINGLE TITLE… Which will be published by Mills and Boon’s single title imprint in the UK next year.

As it’s a work in progress and I’ve only just signed the contract all I’m saying so far is: it’s about a celebrity cake designer, her sexy ex – ie: the hot bad boy she loved as a teenager and who buggered off and left her sixteen years ago – and their eighteen year old daughter. It’s set in London, Paris and at a couple’s retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. And it’s basically The Great British Bake-Off meets Sweet Home Alabama by way of Modern Family!

And as you can probably tell from the shouty capitals, I’m a little overexcited about it.

In other news, I have my second Cosmo Red Hot Read for Harlequin – 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date – due out in October on ebook. I will have a sneak peek and buy links up soon.

And in August I also managed to squeeze in a wonderful week of author stalking with my good friend and fabulous Presents author Abby Green. We went to Ashford Castle on the West Coast of Ireland to meet the fabulous Nora Roberts and then headed up to Inverness for an Outlander Odyssey with the inspirational Diana Gabaldon. More on those adventures soon on my blog (with pictures).

Until then watch this space.

San Antonio Here I Come & the Demise of KISS

So, I have some sad news and some fun news and some hints about a super sekrit project or two…

Sad news first: Harlequin KISS/M&B Modern Tempted is going to be ending, I think the last book in KISS is out in November and the last MT in January (but don’t quote me on that). My last book in the line Beach Bar Baby, came out in June, and I had no more plans to write for KISS but I am still pretty gutted to see this line go. There were a host of really talented authors in it and we wrote some AWESOME books, sadly in this super-competitive marketplace we could not manage to get them into the hands of enough readers. Publishing is a business and you have to roll with the punches, so have no fear I’m sure we’ll all find new homes but if you want more news about ‘what the KISS authors did next’ just check out the KISS & Tempt Facebook page where we will be chatting about book launches, new ventures, etc.

Fun news: With the RWA conference looming I am currently in the process of packing to go to San Antonio Texas next week. Yeehaw! I’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking and blogging and generally flitting about on social media being a romance diva and romance reader (ie: stalking some of my favourite authors!) but if you want to meet me I’ll be at the Literacy Autographing signing copies of Beach Bar Baby and The Wedding Party (my 2-in-1 with Charlotte Phillips) on Wednesday 23rd 5.30pm-7.30pm at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel… So come on down if you’re in the area.

Super sekrit projects: Ok, so you may be wondering what the heck I’ve been doing since Beach Bar Baby came out. Well, first off, I have another Cosmo Red Hot Read out in October called 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date…

Take one London journalist with a secret Twitter habit desperate to get laid, one US wolf in geek’s clothing, put them together and what have you got..? A super-steamy tale of sex, lies and Twitter etiquette.

Next up I’ve got three other projects on the go: Firstly a quartet of linked novellas with three other fabulous former KISS authors – Amy Andrews, Kelly Hunter and Lucy King – with the working title Fairytales of New York… And that’s all I’m saying on the subject. But needless to say it will be fabulous and we’re hoping to get it out next year. Next up is the book I’m currently working on, I have a sneak peek on the subject matter up on Pinterest, but basically it’s a longer book, I’m hoping to sign the contract very soon. And you’ll be the first to know all the intimate details when I do… And last but not least, I am still hoping to write more series books for Harlequin. I don’t know where, or how or who for, but rest assured I’m working on it… Honest.