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My Second Cosmo Hits Ebook Shelves

My second Cosmopolitan Red Hot Read novella for Harlequin, 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date, is out now at an ebook store near you. It’s a super hot tale of sex, lies and Twitter etiquette full of hot tips on how to *coughs* seduce the man of your wet dreams… So to speak. You can read a sneak peek on my book page.

In other news I have signed a contract to do two single title (ie: full length) books with Mills and Boon in the Uk and am currently working on the first which should be out next year. The working title is When in Doubt… Eat Cake and it’s basically The Great British Bake-Off meets Sweet Home Alabama by way of Modern Family!! Here are some hints to the content on my Pinterest page.

Writing news… Book news… And author stalking news… Oh My!

Since partying and networking hard at the RWA conference in San Antonio this summer I have been hard at work writing my FIRST EVER SINGLE TITLE… Which will be published by Mills and Boon’s single title imprint in the UK next year.

As it’s a work in progress and I’ve only just signed the contract all I’m saying so far is: it’s about a celebrity cake designer, her sexy ex – ie: the hot bad boy she loved as a teenager and who buggered off and left her sixteen years ago – and their eighteen year old daughter. It’s set in London, Paris and at a couple’s retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. And it’s basically The Great British Bake-Off meets Sweet Home Alabama by way of Modern Family!

And as you can probably tell from the shouty capitals, I’m a little overexcited about it.

In other news, I have my second Cosmo Red Hot Read for Harlequin – 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date – due out in October on ebook. I will have a sneak peek and buy links up soon.

And in August I also managed to squeeze in a wonderful week of author stalking with my good friend and fabulous Presents author Abby Green. We went to Ashford Castle on the West Coast of Ireland to meet the fabulous Nora Roberts and then headed up to Inverness for an Outlander Odyssey with the inspirational Diana Gabaldon. I’ve been blogging about our Fan Girl Adventures at the Pink Heart Society if you want to read more.