The Royal Pregnancy Test

Carrying His Majesty’s heir…

Is she or isn’t she?

Princess Juno won’t stand by and let her twin sister be forced into a loveless marriage with King Leonardo of Severene. Juno switches places with her for Christmas, intent on ruining the match. Yet a night of electrifying pleasure with the playboy king wasn’t part of the plan!

Leo has never felt such searing attraction, least of all for his duty-bound fiancée. It’s clear why, when her true identity is revealed! But Juno’s princess swap is going to have shocking consequences when they realize they need a royal pregnancy test…!

The Christmas Princess Swap

#1 The Royal Pregnancy Test by Heidi Rice – Leo & Juno – Out Nov 2020

#2 The Princess’s Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson – Alvaro & Jade – Out Dec 2020