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Tempting the Knight

  • US: Tule Publishing, June 2015 (Kindle only)/October 2015 (all digital)
  • Hero: Tyrone Sullivan is a hard-working and dedicated Irish-American attorney who works for the legal aid society in Brooklyn. He’s had a plan for his life ever since he was in middle school. The last thing he needs is to get a call at 2am in the morning from his little sister Faith’s fancy friend Zelda Madison asking for his help… But Ty’s one of the good guys, which means he’s always ready to help people, even dumb people who don’t deserve it, so he climbs out of bed and heads to the Sheepshead Bay precinct house where his little sister’s fancy friend has been taken…
  • Heroine: Zelda Madison is a supermodel with a reputation for wild and reckless behavior. After running out on a charity gala and going for a midnight swim on Manhattan Beach, she gets picked up by a couple of patrol cops and taken back to the local precinct house for her own safety. Unfortunately, the only person she can think of to call for help without alerting the press is her friend Faith’s self-righteous, stick-up-your-butt big brother Tyrone…
  • Locations: Brooklyn Bay, Coney Island, Manhattan’s Upper East Side
  • Series: This is the second story in the Fairy Tales of New York quartet also featuring:
    Pursued by the Rogue by Kelly Hunter
    Taming the Beast by Lucy King
    Seduced by the Baron by Amy Andrews

So Now You’re Back

  • Mills and Boon Single Titles: February 2016
  • Heroine: Halle Best, cake designer to the stars, is a national treasure at the tender age of 36. But behind her Domestic Diva brand — and the pants-to-profiteroles story of a teenage single mum from Hackney who became the nation’s favourite baked-goods guru — is a woman whose life isn’t quite as truly scrumptious as it appears… Especially when her 18-year-old daughter Lizzie returns from a visit to Paris to see her father, Luke Best with the disastrous news that Luke plans to write a memoir. Having refused to speak to Luke ever since he ran out on her sixteen years ago, Halle is forced to travel to Paris to talk sense to him…
  • Hero: Luke Best, an award-winning journalist, is the sexy, shallow cheating bastard who lobbed Halle’s heart into a blender sixteen years ago. When she arrives in Paris she discovers the infuriating man is now a sexy, shallow, cheating bastard with an agenda: Either she agrees to pose as his plus one at an Xtreme Couples Retreat in Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains for some idiotic exposé he’s writing — or Luke’s going to lob her misspent youth into the public domain, curdling her whole very-nearly-truly-scrumptious life into a sour bloody mess. Again.
  • Locations: London, Paris, The Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Tennessee USA
  • Series: Not yet!

  • In The Works

    Note: details may change for these stories as I’m currently writing them – also be warned, there may be spoilers ahead… And moonlight and dancing and love and romance!

    The One That Nearly Got Away (working title)

  • Mills and Boon Single Titles
  • When Ellie Preston’s glittering career as an event planner and trophy wife in the exclusive Upstate New York enclave of Orchard Habor tanks, she is forced to return to the Wiltshire commune she has spent the last sixteen years running away. She has her vulnerable ten-year-old son Josh in tow, and a lot of unresolved anger towards her mum Dee, who still lives at the commune. Now dealing with the second biggest disaster of her life, Ellie’s not happy to discover the man who was the headline act in the first – bad boy Art Dalton – is not only still living at the commune, he’s also still hot and still an arsehole.