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Beach Bar Baby

  • US: Harlequin KISS, May 2014 (digital only)
  • US: Harlequin Themes Collection, June 2014 (digital & print 2-in-1)
  • UK: Mills & Boon Modern Tempted, May 2014
  • Hero: Cooper Delaney is 28 but already owns a string of dive shops in Bermuda. He’s a self-made man who’s a whole lot more cynical than his freewheeling ways suggest. He likes his life free and easy, his beer cold, the weather hot and his women hotter but he doesn’t date the tourists. Until he takes an immediate shine to the cute and comely holidaymaker who’s signed up for one of his snorkeling tours. Deciding to pose as the beach bum she immediately assumes he is, they have a wild night at the beach hut below his island estate, but when she’s gone without a word the next morning while he’s out getting them breakfast, for the first time ever he’s left wanting more than a one night stand. What he doesn’t know is that Ella Radley has a secret too, a secret which when he tracks her down in London three-months later is gonna change both their lives – and not necessarily in a good way.
  • Heroine: Ella Radley is a cupcake baker who owns a thriving business in Camden with her BFF Ruby Westmore, but there’s a great big aching hole in her life that may never be filled. When she learns she may be suffering the symptoms of an early menopause, Ella decides to take a holiday of a lifetime to Bermuda to regroup. Unfortunately, after a bad case of sunburn, Ella’s fabulous vacation is turning into the holiday from hell, until she signs up for one of the resort’s snorkeling tours and has a wild one-night fling with the beach bum running it. She dashes off the next morning without saying goodbye, invigorated by the amazing sex, but embarrassed by her flirty dirty behaviour… But when she arrives home she discovers that her fertility problem isn’t as problematic as she thought… The only problem is, what to do about the moral dilemna posed by the man who is half a world away, whom she only knows by his first name and who she suspects would think her dream come true is his worst nightmare.
  • Locations: Bermuda, London
  • Series: A spin-off from the Brothers and Sisters series, with co-starring roles for Ruby Delisantro and Callum Westmore the leads in Cupcakes & Killer Heels

In The Works

Note: details may change for these stories as I’m currently writing them – also be warned, there may be spoilers ahead… And moonlight and dancing and love and romance!

Upcoming Projects

  • No contract as yet
  • I’m currently working on a number of ideas: I have a whole new Cosmo planned about sex, lies and Twitter etiquette, another possible KISS continuity (with an amazing trio of authors – watch this space, seriously), and an idea which I’m developing that I hope (fingers and toes crossed) might be my first Single Title length book set in London, Paris and the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. But as none of them have been contracted as yet, I can’t divulge details. Still, rest assured, you’ll be the first to know, when I know!