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10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date

  • US: Cosmo Red Hot Reads for Harlequin, October 2014 (digital only)
  • Hero: Brent O’Neill is an American software designer living in London. Known by his friend Sam as a wolf in geek’s clothing, Brent is hot, sexy, phenomenally focussed in bed and a total hard-ass out of it after a bitter divorce three years ago which left him scarred for life. Particularly when it comes to his hatred of social media.
  • Heroine: Tally Gladstone is an interior design journalist on the look out for the Ultimate Hot Date, no strings attached and has the Twitter following to prove it as @BlindDateBitch… After a super-hot one night hook up with Brent in a luxury London hotel suite she discovers that super-hot can lead to super-complicated! Especially if you’ve got 50k Twitter followers and a bad habit of Tweeting first & thinking later.
  • Locations: London
  • Series: None as yet!

In The Works

Note: details may change for these stories as I’m currently writing them – also be warned, there may be spoilers ahead… And moonlight and dancing and love and romance!

Love, Cake & Having It All

  • Mills and Boon Single Titles
  • Cake designer to the stars Halle Best is a national treasure at the tender age of 36. But behind her Domestic Diva brand — and the pants-to-profiteroles story of a teenage single mum from Hackney who became the nation’s favourite baked-goods guru — is a woman whose life isn’t quite as truly scrumptious as it appears… Especially when her 18-year-old daughter Lizzie returns from a visit to Paris to see her father, Luke Best — an award-winning journalist whom Halle has refused to speak to for sixteen years — with the disastrous news that Luke plans to write a memoir. Halle travels to Paris to talk sense to the sexy, shallow cheating bastard who lobbed her heart into a blender all those years ago, only to discover he is now a sexy, shallow, cheating bastard with an agenda: Either she agrees to pose as his plus one at an Xtreme Couples Retreat in Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains for some idiotic exposé he’s writing — or Luke’s going to lob her misspent youth into the public domain, curdling her whole very-nearly-truly-scrumptious life into a sour bloody mess. Again.